Begin your journey into the spiritual world

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Begin your journey into the spiritual world


Shamanic understanding reveals a spiritual dimension that is not visible to the five senses but has far-reaching consequences in our lives. What would you learn if you could go there?

There are unseen forces that have been with you since the moment you were born. These helpful companions have guided and protected you. What would you learn if you could speak with them?

You understand that you are one with everything and that everything is linked to you. Consider how your life would be different if your higher self was fully present in you.

Shamanic practise is all about answering these questions and establishing a stronger connection with the spirit world.

The Best Spiritual Practices Survive

Shamanism is an ancient religious practise. The first shamans existed over 40,000 years ago, according to evidence. Shamanic practises are still alive and well today, evolving to meet the needs of modern society.

What is it that has allowed Shamanism to survive for so long?

According to Sandra Ingerman, shamanism is the path to direct revelation. It does not necessitate any dogma or external authority. Shamanic practise can provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to access the spirit world on your own.

Through direct contact, shamanism allows you to connect with your spiritual allies as well as the divine side of your being. It allows you to connect with your spiritual guides and trust the healing energy, wisdom, and insight you receive.

The shamanic experience is the foundation practise for awakening to the spirit world.

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The shamanic path is defined as the use of rhythm and intention to achieve an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with the spiritual dimension. Sandra Ingerman, one of today’s most respected shamanic teachers, can teach you the safe, dependable, and transformative technique of the Shamanic journey.

Sandra’s comprehensive foundational shamanic practises training is now available online. This 6-week online course will teach you how to incorporate the spiritual insights and techniques offered by shamanism into your daily life.

Shamanism is about connecting with nature and realising that we are all connected to the earth. This understanding can then be applied to achieve balance, health, and success in everything we do.

Understanding the term “shamanism” will lead us to one of the oldest tribal healing traditions. It is found in many cultures all over the world. They all have one thing in common: they all communicate and interact with the spirit world. This is the most ancient way for humans to connect with Creation.

Shamanism is the path to knowledge gained through the experience of many aspects of life such as rituals and ceremonies, prayer, meditation, trials, and tests. It is the practise or discipline of interconnectedness, which has limitless potential and can lead to a complete transformation of oneself.

Prophecy and healing are aspects of shamanism. In order for healing to occur, it is also necessary to address the Soul’s condition.

There are numerous locations around the world where the spiritual and physical worlds merge. Both worlds are very close to each other. They are all unique: some are private, others are secretive, and still others are well-known ‘power spots.’

Bali Spiritual Journey

Nyepi is an excellent way to enjoy Bali’s calm and peaceful Sundays. Although Bali is known for being a spiritual haven with its sacred temples and forests, Nyepi offers a completely different experience. Nyepi, also known as Silence Day, is an Indonesian public holiday celebrated on the island of Bali. It is a day of self-reflection, fasting, and meditation.

This holiday is subject to numerous restrictions. The most important requirement is that roads be kept clear of fires and that no vehicles be permitted on them. Even the island’s only airport is closed (the Balinese throw away their garbage). Other restrictions include the prohibition of using lights, travelling, working, and speaking. To increase the holiday’s dedication, the internet was turned off for mobile and Wi-Fi devices this year. Nyepi is a Hindu festival. Tourists and residents of other religions, however, are not exempt from these restrictions. This holiday is ideal for solo travellers because it is quiet and peaceful.

I was excited to be a part of this vacation because I was alone in Bali. It was incredible to be in this beautiful place with only the sound of wind and birds chirping. This morning, I awoke inadvertently as the sun rose in the sky. It was an unexpected event for which I was grateful. My day began with meditation at sunrise. This was a technique I had been using since the beginning. I continued my healing practises throughout the day. With a facial, hair mask and cleanse, moisturiser, body scrub, and bath soak, the day was transformed into a DIY spa day. Because all outside light is blocked on the island, it serves as a reward for my mindful practise.

This is a rare opportunity because Bali is so polluted by smoke, vehicle emissions, light, and regular cloudiness. This is my favourite spiritual location I’ve ever been to. It allowed me to be conscious and mindful, to think deeply about my current life, and to reflect. More places should observe a Day of Silence and Reflection to encourage people to question their motives and actions.

Greece’s Spiritual Experience

On the 15th of August, the largest celebrations of the year are held at the Church of Myrtidotissas in Kythira (Greece). Mother Mary’s name day is observed with a number of services over the weekend. The icon (or gold picture) of Mother Mary, which once stood near the church, is also commemorated. The image depicts two faceless figures. It is believed that if the icons (Mother Mary, Baby Jesus) can be seen, great miracles can be performed. It’s not worth it to concentrate on the faces. They either see you or they don’t.

I staggered out of my car and towards the church’s entrance. It is customary to enter the church, light a candle in honour of someone, and then kiss the icon. I was astounded by the interior’s beauty and the large number of people inside, all dressed up more than I am. I felt unwelcome when I looked down at my plain clothes (I was trying to live a simple, nonmaterialistic lifestyle). It was not the case. I quickly exited the church and noticed a smaller one beneath it. This was the first church built on these same grounds.

Overview of the Shamanic Journey

We live in crazy times. Keeping up with our modern lives takes a lot of energy. There is so much going on in the world any minute, as you surely know if you keep up with the updates at nerdy news. Because of this, is it important that we take some time for ourselves and our spiritual life.

Begin your shamanic journey by inhaling deeply into your chest (heart space). You can ask for protection for yourself and your loved ones by praying. You will select your own method of embarking on a journey. This initiates a connection with your spirit guides, dispels any fear or tension, and marks the start of the shamanic journey.

Listening to rattles and drums can help you begin your shamanic journey. Drumming is the gateway to the spirit realm. Follow your curiosity and the sounds. Maintain your focus on what you want. Close your eyes and take note of any patterns or images that appear on your inner screen. You can passively experience visuals, sounds, and smells, as well as all other sensations.

If you don’t feel like going anywhere, you can use your active imagination to create a portal to the spirit realm. As a portal, you could use a wall painting, a dream scene, or an altar. There are numerous options. You can choose the path to the spirit world that is most appealing to you.

It may take some time to reach the spirit world, but it is possible to do so quickly. According to the shamanic viewpoint, we intentionally send our consciousness into the spirit world. This is done in order to connect, retrieve information, heal, restore, and energise. There may be a clear path we can follow, or we may simply find ourselves in the spirit realm. We usually find ourselves in the spirit world’s middle realms, which are spiritual representations of our physical world. It could sound familiar.